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*See Tony Kolasch the men's ministry leader for more information
The strong man accepts the roles God assigns
The strong man obeys God unto death
The strong man relies on God for everything
The strong man trusts God for vindication

Jesus Christ distinctively displayed the four characteristics of a strong man of God
outlined above. Before creation He humbly accepted His Father's assignment to be the Lamb of God in order to die for our sins (John 1:29). The Lord Jesus was sinless obeying His Father to His death on the cross  (Hebrews 4:14-16). He also depended on the leadership of His Father and power of the Holy Spirit to live His life and conduct His mission (Mark 1:9-11). Finally, Jesus Christ trusted that His Father would
justly deal with everyone responsible for His suffering and death(1 Peter 2:18-25).  It is the Father's will that every man who will be a strong man of God, be one in the image of Jesus Christ, His Son, following His example.